Friday, November 12th, 2010...7:07 am

Audi coming up with diesel options for most car models in the U.S. by 2015

Audi wants to release diesel variants for most of their car models in the United States by 2015. At the moment, Audi in the US only sells two models running on diesel—the Q7 TDI and the A3 TDI. Both of the diesel variants are loved by consumers and the car manufacturer feels the pressure of the high demand.

Fifty percent of the A3 sales in the US comprise of its diesel variant while it is 40% for the Q7. The numbers are similar to how the sales are going in the European market and it seems Audi in the US has taken its cue. Dealers have been giving feedback to the carmaker about the high demand for their diesel variants.

The German car brand needs to boost its diesel line up in North America to keep the market satisfied and also to deal with the stricter CO2 emission standards. Audi recent revealed their plans of adding diesel variants to their line up particularly for the A8 sedan, A6, and the Q5. Come 2015, the next gen A4 will most likely get the 4 cylinder 2.0 TDI

The company is also contemplating on giving the A4 a V6 but is still studying the cost factors which may make the car too expensive for the American market.

Executives of Audi declared that they are aiming to have around 20% of their line up in the US running on diesel by 2015. They are hoping that the spike in diesel variant sales in the United States will also mean an overall improvement in their sales figures in North America. Audi aims to jump up their sales to as much as 200,000 vehicles by 2015.

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