Friday, April 24th, 2009...2:41 pm

Ford enhanced Safety of Escape SUV for 2010 model

Outdoing Honda and Toyota in the car world is not an easy task, but Ford has done it with the Escape SUV, taking the top spot when it comes to safety and fuel economy. For the year 2010, Ford is making its steps to help maintain and widen that lead by enhancing the Escape SUV with five new safety elements.

First is the McKey (on Limited models and XLT) which permits the owners of the Escape to set or program the unit of the car’s top speed and likewise, the audio volume. Aside from that, it can also be set to turn on warning sounds when theFord Escape car is revving up at 45 mph, 55 mph or at 65 mph and will flash with seatbelt prompts and to give off warnings for low-fuel ahead of time.

Second is the Active Park Assist, to make parking trouble free for teens and adults. It can actually locate a spot for parking, drives and parks the driver into that spot. All the driver has to mind is the gas pedal and the brake.

The SUV is also enhanced with the Integrated Spotter Mirrors and Rear View Camera System that will make the driver have the total visibility around his car and will allow maximum driving security. Lastly is the SYNC which will make the driver in touch with traffic situations, and some problems that can be detected in advance.

The price of the 2010 Escape SUV is not yet released, but it was assured that the price won’t be increased too much from its current base price of $21,160.

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