Tuesday, March 16th, 2010...6:42 pm

Is Hyundai Taking a Bite out of Apple’s Book?

Hyundai i-Flow conceptI may be tooting my own horn, but that topic is kind of intriguing, right?

Maybe a little?

Well whatever, even if you guys don’t think I’m clever, I do, and that’s totally all that matters.

But to the actual point of the topic: this is Hyundai’s new concept, called both the i-Flow and the HED-7 — but mostly called the i-Flow.

Sound familiar? Let me see if I can give you some examples that will ring a bell.

iPhone. iPod. iPad. Get it?

Is this a shrewd marketing ploy? Is the i-Flow cool enough for it to work?

Word to manufacturers: just because you stick an “i” in front of something does not automatically mean it will be successful.


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