Sunday, February 7th, 2010...9:53 pm

The Charisma of the Kia Ray Concept

Kia Ray conceptI remember back when Kia hit the mainstream. No one really took them seriously, because the cars were so crazy inexpensive. It was like, you only bought a Kia if you could not afford anything else. And look at the manufacturer now, look how far the brand has come…

Because, I’m sorry, the Kia Ray concept looks seriously hot. Revealed at the auto show in Chicago, the idea of the concept was and is to show off the manufacturer’s environmental efficiency and its initiative to make autos that are more environmentally friendly.

As a result, the car — a plug in hybrid — is built from a materials that are both recycled and lightweight. The profile flows, thanks to the elimination of any unneeded edges and angles. On the inside, one fines a motif of hexagonal shapes like honeycombs, meant to reduce the car’s weight even more.

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