Tuesday, September 15th, 2009...6:10 pm

The Nissan NV2500 — What a Concept!

nissan-nv2500So, this is the new Nissan NV2500 concept. It might seem a little boring but I want you to check out this picture as well:


Cool, right? Set to enter into the commercial market in the United States — and all of North America, for that matter — this coming year, it is definitely a doozy. Can you imagine having all of that space?

The inside features a complete mobile office and workspace which includes, among other things, a computer workstation, a conference table that folds down, plenty of storage compartments, plus a side panel with an awning like structure that opens up, thereby creating a standing workshop table outside of the vehicle.

I can’t even imagine all of the things you could do with a commercial vehicle like that, but wow. The possibilities are certainly endless!

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